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Hire plan

Hire plan gives you the flexibility to use and return your leased vehicles as needed.

What is flexi lease

What is hire plan?

Hire plan is a leasing product that allows you to take control of a vehicle without owning it or committing to a fixed hire period. When using hire plan, you will be provided with a charge matrix, which sets out costs for 12, 24 and 36 month periods, and given the freedom to return the vehicle as required.

Businesses are not compelled to keep their vehicle(s) longer than necessary and are charged according to the timeframe deployed. All agreements start at the lowest 36-month rate, and if the vehicle is returned earlier, a higher charge is incurred pro-rata as set out in the matrix.

This product is designed to provide transparency regarding costs, enabling businesses to evolve, plan and budget effectively. The plans are available for all light commercial goods (“LCV”) vehicles.

Features and benefits of hire plan

Transparent charges, allowing you to manage your fleet and budget effectively.


A flexible way to run vehicles during peak periods, including month-by-month hire, at a competitive rate.


Immediate online access to all vehicle documentation and service history, keeping you ahead of compliance and legislation.

Modern, reliable and maintained vehicles


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