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Improving efficiencies with telematics

We can add telematics to vehicles, collating data on driver behaviours, tachos and more, to help our clients manage and improve the performance of both driver and vehicle.

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Real time vehicle tracking

By alerting your business to where your vehicles are in real time (and whether they should be there or not), our geo fencing feature enables you to have close control over your fleet.

Real time preventative maintenance ensures minimum downtime and ultimately helps you to consistently meet your customers’ expectations.

Telematics infographic

Monitor your vehicles

Our telematics allows you to monitor your drivers’ driving styles or remotely diagnose faults or potential faults.

By analysing the data from real time and historic driver behaviour monitoring, you can increase your efficiencies (up to 10% improvement) and profitability throughout your operation.

Help improve cost efficiency

With fuel costs, insurance premiums and 'lost miles' making up the majority of operating costs, telematics can help improve your bottom line.

Benefits of telematics

Fuel efficiency icon

Improved fuel efficiencies

Minimise downtime icon

Minimise downtime

Reduce carbon footprint icon

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce warranty costs icon

Reduce warranty costs

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Reduce accident rates


Track vehicle locations



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Increase in profitability

Fleet management

Features and benefits

  • Improve efficiency by up to 10% with real-time and history drive behaviour monitoring
  • Increase profitability using data to provide a useful insight into your operations
  • Manage driver performance with information about braking, acceleration and gear control
  • Minimise downtime with diagnostic and fault alerts
  • Deliver significant fuel savings by managing use of cruise control and idle times
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrate environmental commitment to your investors and customers

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