How vehicle leasing can be a flexible business solution


Cash flow management is always an essential aspect of running a business. This year, pressures from COVID-19 and the ensuing recession mean it is arguably more important than ever for companies to ensure their operations are cost-effective. This may include inventory checks, reducing payment terms, or reviewing the cost of your fleet of vehicles.

Flexible leasing solutions could allow many companies to focus on getting back to business as usual. In fact, the leasing sector is predicted to grow within the next couple of years.

Hire plan

Leasing options, such as a hire plan, are a flexible way for a business to gain access to a modern fleet without large upfront costs. Vehicles can be leased on a month-by-month basis and returned at any time, without any early termination penalties.

Businesses using hire plan have exclusive use of their vehicles, allowing them to manage their fleet as well as their budgets. In addition, it eliminates the responsibility of owning such assets and the risk of value depreciating.

A hire plan solution not only provides your business with modern and reliable vehicles, but also gives you access to our online platform which allows you to view all documentation and service history. Having access to this technology could help streamline your business, without tying up working capital.

Responsive, flexible solutions

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of businesses being able to adapt and respond. So, whether you need to change the size of your fleet or just require a more flexible package, we can support your evolving business demands.

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