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As any business working with multiple vehicles will tell you, fleet management software serves to manage practicalities, mitigate risks, and ensure that the business can trust in the transportation needed to thrive.

Put simply, these programmes allow your company to be more reliable, effective and profitable.

Our online interactive vehicle and fleet management system, CVS Live, makes it easier to organise your vehicles and manage your team. The platform’s features include:

Flexible 24/7 access

CVS Live is permanently accessible, web-based platform to match Close Brothers Vehicle Hire’s 24-hour support operations. You can access the information you need online regardless of location, time or day.

Real-time information

CVS Live gives you access to real-time information about your vehicles. For example, if one of your vehicles breaks down, the details and updates you need to manage the situation will be directly available. 

Easy document storage and access 

CVS Live offers cloud technology to store all your documents. You can save your rental agreements, RFL and MOT certificates, and other important documents in one place so that you can find them with ease.

Reminders for dates and requirements

CVS Live remembers servicing requirements and dates. Let the platform monitor your diary and send you reminders about the condition of your vehicles so that you can master tasks and focus on the bigger picture.

A single, transparent platform

As part of a broader transport solution offering which encompasses contract hire, vehicle rental and a repair and maintenance only option, CVS Live has been designed to be a single place to manage your fleet and your account. As well as information about each of your vehicles, you can find transparent information about recharges and contact details for Close Brothers Vehicle Hire. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how this software could help you, contact us to discuss your business challenges and arrange a demo today.

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