We want to make sure that you are aware of any additional costs that may be incurred during the life of your agreement with us.

If you have any queries regarding these charges, please discuss with your Sales Manager or Account Manager. 



Tariff of charges for business customers

These charges are not fixed and may vary on occasion in line with current market conditions.

Type Charges (net of VAT) Description
CBVH Delivery and Collection Charges

 £1.00 per mile for all hires less than 28 days hire in length.

This is for all instances of delivery and collection for hires less than 28 days. Delivery is FOC for hires 28 days or greater.
Fuel Charges AA National Average + 20% Charge to replace fuel if different from the inital supplied level.
Aborted Delivery or Collection £30.00 plus delivery and collection charge if the hire is less than 28 days. To recover costs due to failed delivery or collection. If a vehicle has already left our site when the cancellation is made, a mileage charge will be added for distance travelled.
Valeting Charges/specialised cleaning

£50.00 per vehicle. Additional charges will be incurred if specialised cleaning is required, e.g. emptying of w/c, utilities etc.

Valeting charge and charges for specialised cleaning is for for vehicles that are outside of an acceptable standard or have not been cleaned as agreed. This includes vehicles that have evidence of smoking.
Traffic Offence / Fine Admin Fee Standard charges are £30.00 plus the value of the fine.

Admin fees for processing a fine or making a representation regarding traffic violations.

Recharges We will seek to charge cost + 23% admin fee up to a maximum of £500.00 per recharge. When a recharge is presented through either mid-life or end of life.
BVRLA VE103B Form £25.00 per form (additional charges may be incurred when checking for sufficient documentation required). Authority to take a hire vehicle out of the UK.
Returned Payment Charge Administration charge £30.00 per returned/bounced item. Administration fee for any payments due that are returned/bounced.
Novation of fleet to another company Adminstration charge of £50.00 per vehicle (maximum £500.00) Adminstration fee involved in transferring a fleet of vehicles to another company.


 Annual Mileage Allowance

LCVs - 25,000 miles pa

7.5t Tippers - 50,000 KM pa

7.5t Box & Curtains - 80,000 KM pa

18t - 80,000 KM pa

26t - 100,000 KM pa

6X2 (44t) - 160,000 KM pa


This is the annual mileage allowance expected for hires if not otherwise stated and agreed on a Rental Agreement or Hire Schedule.



Excess Mileage

Excess mileage is calculated at:


£0.11 pence per mile

£0.09 pence per mile (tyres not incl)


£0.13 pence per KM

£0.10 pence per KM (tyres not incl.)



Charges for going over the agreed mileage for the agreed period of hire. Charges will be calculated on a pro rata basis if off hired before the agreed hire end date.

CBVH Tariff charges V3 01/20



Rental tariff


  Vehicle Type 1-2 days 3-6 days 7-27 days 28-89 days 90 days + Mileage Allowance Per Day Mileage Allowance per annum







Small Van £31.00 £21.00 £19.00 £17.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
SWB Van £36.00 £26.00 £24.00 £22.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
3.5t LWB Van £41.00 £31.00 £29.00 £27.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
4 Metre Extra LWB Van £45.00 £41.00 £36.00 £31.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
35 CWT Luton Box Van with T/L £51.00 £46.00 £42.00 ;£38.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
35 CWT Dropside £47.00 £39.00 £36.00 £34.00 ;Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
35 CWT Tipper £52.00 £44.00 £41.00 £37.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000


4X4 Vehicles

Welfare Vehicles


Toyota Hilux Single Cab £46.00 £41.00 £39.00 £38.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
Toyota Hilux Double Cab £48.00 £43.00 £41.00 £40.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
Welfare / Mess Van £67.00 £62.00 £57.00 £55.00 Refer to Sales Dept 68 25,000
   Vehicle Type 1-2 days 3-6 days 7-27 days 28-89 days 90 days + KMs allowance per Day KMs allowance per annum




44t Tractor Unit £124.00 £109.00 £95.00 £90.00 Refer to Sales Dep 438 160,000
26t Curtain / Box £126.00 £110.00 £100.00 £95.00 Refer to Sales Dep 329 120,000
18t Curtain / Box £95.00 £90.00 £85.00 £80.00 Refer to Sales Dep 274 100,000;
7.5t Curtain / Box £78.00 £72.00 £65.00 £60.00 Refer to Sales Dep 219 80,000
7.5 Ton Tipper / Dropside £83.00 £77.00 £72.00 £67.00 Refer to Sales Dep 137 50,000


Prices Active 01/02/2020

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