Telematic systems: the future of fleet


Telematics can be very valuable to anyone managing a fleet of vehicles. The technology has developed far beyond its conception, and while it was historically used to provide reactive driver management information, it is now used for pro-active purposes and can allow businesses to convert distress management events into learning experiences.

In-vehicle measurement technology generates both older and real-time information on vehicle performance and activity. It can support the monitoring of driver conduct and safety compliance. By collecting data, such as speed performance on different road types and braking behaviour, it can help improve adherence to driving regulations. 

This information is currently used to support the assessment of drivers training needs, or alert you if the performance of the vehicle itself could improve. Telemetry can also offer support after accidents and breakdowns, or when there are unexplained cost increases.

The benefits of telematics are wide ranging. The data can be used to minimise your company’s impact on the environment, improve fuel consumption, and reduce accident rates. Clients who use our telematic systems can see efficiency improve by up to 10% and, ultimately, report increased profitability throughout their operation. 

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