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Flexi-lease is designed to provide commercial vehicles on a flexible short to medium term basis.

What is flexi lease

What is flexi-lease?

Flexi-lease is very similar to contract hire but without the long-term contract. It is designed for when you need a flexible leasing option, or just don’t want to be tied down.

It is ideal for short-term agreements usually ranging from 1 month up to 24 months, although we can cater for longer term flexi-leases of up to 60 months if required.

Features and benefits of flexi-lease

An ideal way to run vehicles for peak periods from a 30+ day hire to a month-by-month hire, available 24/7 all year round.

All the benefits of contract hire without the contract.

Immediate online access to all vehicle documentation and service history, keeping you ahead of compliance and legislation.

All vehicle sizes from light commercials to HGVs, to ensure seamless and uninterrupted operation to business.

A modern, reliable, maintained and cosmetically sound fleet of vehicles available to you, allowing you to meet any unforeseen problems or peaks in demand.

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